WHY 2020 IS THE WORST ? .... By A.K.Sinha


Year 2020 is the worst for present generation and all begin with Corona virus pandemic. WHO has declared it a public health emergency of international concern on 30th January 2020. The total cases of Corona virus in the world is about 5,640,857 with currently infected cases of about 2,884,347 and 349,672 deaths occurred in all over the world till 26th May. The total active cases of Corona virus in India is 82112 as on 26th May with a total 150739 confirmed cases. 64272 cases have recovered and we lost 4344 persons in India due to this pandemic. In Jharkhand till 27th May early morning, the total cases are 439 out of which 4 dead and active cases will further increase as migrant labours are returning to Jharkhand now.

Perhaps the situation is worse than it seems. Perhaps this pandemic is going to be more hazardous & painful. We don't know the future of this pandemic. What we can do is just  hope with positive vibes. We can support and help those who are needy at this miserable situation as lockdown 4.0 is going on. Lots of migrant people and labours are hungry and helpless in this situation. Labours are compelled to return their hometown on foot. Even thousands of children are walking on the roads with their parents continuously on more than 40°C temperature and on barefoot …...how painful moment…...what the government is doing is the very first question in every citizen's mind. But we are still in a stable condition as compared to the rest of the world and all just because Indian government's quick decision of lockdown. In a country with almost 132 crore population, it would have been very difficult to control the community spread of Corona virus . World's biggest economic power USA with almost 22 crore population has lowered its weapons in front of Corona virus. USA is the hotspot of the world for Corona virus cases as  total 1,725,275 coronavirus cases are there with 100,572 deaths. The Indian government is doing well in this pandemic. However millions of people are left helpless  because perhaps the government is unable to reach to every small corner of the country and it is obvious but the government is trying to do as much as possible. Trying to supply food package for needy , making the rashan available on adhar card  and opening the rail service with some conditions now are good initiatives to start the new journey of India once again.

   Corona virus is not the only reason that makes the 2020 worst. In Andhra Pradesh , the Vizag gas leak on 7th of May  contributed in it as well. There a toxic gas named Styrene  leaked from the company LG polymers India . It was India's 2nd biggest gas tragedy after the gas tragedy of Bhopal. More than 1000 people were affected by this toxic gas with 12 persons and 32 animals deaths till 9th May 2020. And the next is cyclone Amphan that came to show its supremacy in Bengal and north Odisa during Corona virus pandemic. Due to this, coasts of India and Bangladesh were completely devastated. More than 72 people were killed by this super cyclon in West Bengal.

FIG :Impact of Cyclone Amphan

      FIG : Vizag gas leakage

                    Perhaps the nature is trying to make us learn the harsh reality of life that it is the Supreme and no one is able to win in front of it. As during last 5 months, this pandemic  benefited only the nature  in all over the world. Pollution level is lowered during this lockdown era in the world and air quality also improved. Further the Ganga and other important rivers of India got cleaned as most of the industries were shut during lockdown and flow of industrial pollutants in rivers has stopped. One more positive news is there during lockdown, the largest ever hole in Ozone layer of about 1 million square kilometres  over Arctic region has healed itself. But who will decide What impact is more, the positive or the negative one ? Whatever the answer is , the truth is that at present time every one is hiding  in their houses with the fear of Corona and  with a hope that everything is going to be normal one day. What we can do during this situation is just to wait for long.

 How coronavirus spreaded all over the world is less matter of concern now, instead the biggest question is how to come out of this pandemic. Number of deaths is continuously increasing in India and all over the world. India is placing an example for the world that life of citizens is more important than the economy of a country. Despite we are losing both. Government initiated bus services for labours, who are trying to be in their hometown but the situation again became worse for them as some of the buses and vehicles, during this got the accidents and many of the labours died on the way.  No one knows what is next , yet to see the next 7 months of 2020.......

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