Science and Technology

Science and technology

We often understand the terms science and technology in the same way. But think about it. You must go through these questions before you could reach to any conclusion :

What is the difference between these two terms? we have started using these two terms interchangeably but is that correct ? What do you think is the difference between science and technology ? 

Difference between science and technology

We will discover the things or we discover the features of things which we don't already know, in Science.  Whereas in technology we tend to invent entirely new products. so the basic difference lies in whether we are discovering or inventing. we discover, because our human mind is curious and it is said that we all are born scientists. we invent new things to make our lives easier or to solve our problems. 

For example, in science we discovered diamonds, we discovered the diamond and charcoal both are made of carbon. We discovered silicone which later revolutionized the technology world. Now all these things like diamond charcoal silicone already existed on this planet  Earth. And we discovered that they exist and started using them, this is science. We also discover the existence of stars and planets in our universe. we discover them and then we give them a name. while in technology we invented computers which was only possible because of the discovery of the silicon and semiconductor properties. and later these computers helped us to perform processing of large amounts of data, making it easier to perform scientific experiments using technology. We invented telescopes which helped us to be able to understand our universe better and discover more about stars and planets. Now there are so many branches of science. In fact , if we apply a scientific mindset in any of the fields by keeping the mind curious and often looking for a hypothesis and working towards proving or disproving it by using facts, that field becomes a branch of science. but technology is not one of the branches of the science in fact technology is an application of the science. so Science and Technology go hand-in-hand. We still need to continuously discover new things in our universe which are so vast. and using those discoveries and the knowledge gained through them we need to continuously invent new products which can make our lives easier or the products which can solve the problems around us.  In turn these products invented in technology also help in making more scientific discoveries.

Future of technology :

Future of technology

Think back to 100 years. Electricity had just been established. Movies were quiet, and even pigeons were still in use . Things have come a long way since then, which has made us wonder, what will technology look like in the next hundred years?

There is a wonderful invention that is life-changing predicted to emerge in the next century. The Flying cars, once thought to be science fiction, are  actually progressing now.. Many technologies are already in place and some expect flying cars to be available to the public in next ten to fifteen years. Regulations are still in the works, but it sounds like you’ll be whizzing around in your flying car well before 2120. 

Science and technology

A demo of flying car

Another Future Technology : Brain - linked VR ( Virtual Reality ). It currently does not exist but thinks it can run directly through your brain, bypassing the natural nervous systems, creating a touch experience, smell, and perhaps even taste. It can create another reality so that you can mix what is real and what is not.

Science and technology A demo of present VR technology

A demo of present VR technology

The homes you live in will also be very different. People are expecting that we will have 3D printing incredible homes and even making them foldable, attractive, improved and transportable.   

Think of the places you wanna  go. Hopefully 3D printing in general will do. It wiil let us literally print whatever we need. You need a new hammer? No problem. Need a car ? You got it. New organ?  Yeah,  even that’s being developed. And  improvements to health care don’t stop with artificial body parts. Some researchers are hoping that by 2120, we’ll all have little nanobots circulating through our body that constantly search for threats like illness and disease, and then fix the problem from the inside out. With the technology of the future, one day, you can  have an extra set of robotic arms and realize your dreams of becoming a human spider. Wow it means you can be something like Spiderman. You’ve probably already heard of powerful energy-enhancing elements, but some of the most promising developments in the wild have a “third arm” designed to help with tasks. At the moment these are designed for the military, this third arm is simple, it does not need batteries, and can distribute the weight of a heavy weapon. 

Science and technology
Loads with a soldier

A small pilot study in 2017 shows that it can reduce arm fatigue and muscle function, and improve marksmanship for some soldiers. So it’s already on its way to beating Triangle Bob in an arm wrestling match! and his arm fell off. That is unfortunate... Just in order to create these types of technologies, scientists, researchers and companies will need a lot of help from good ol' trusty computers. Today's computers are still more powerful than 50 years ago, but advances have begun to slow down recently.

What is Next

Moore's law states that the number of transistors per silicon computer chip will double every two years, and this has been until recently. Sounds bad for speed and efficiency, but some experts are not too worried. Instead, they take additional steps to worry about this, such as re-evaluating an expired computer system. Most CPUs still have features from the 1940s! and until a few years ago, tons of computers were still using code from the 1980s. Despite the work that needs to be done, codin is still developing and empowering all aspects of our digital world, including us. It allows people to give computers and programs step-by-step instructions to do all sorts of things. Why did you go through the fridge, you can get all the things from your fridge to directly on your table and all this would be a click away.

What technology would you like to see in the next hundred years? The ability to easily create web applications, and dynamic websites with incredible annoyance codes, The ability to build is now in your hands. No longer are databases, APIs, and the advanced functionality that comes with them, out of reach.

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