Sputnik - V , the Russian Vaccine may emerge as a milestone to fight against Covid- 19 Pandemic

Sputnik - V , the Russian Vaccine may emerge as a milestone to fight against Covid- 19 Pandemic

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  1. Sputnik V - the hope
  2. Topic Concerns about new vaccines
  3. Putin's daughter became the first to get vaccinated
  4. Clinical development of  vaccines
  5. Current observations of the disease

In the international coronavirus vaccination competition, Russia told a news reporter it had already won. Russia has become the first nation to complete clinical trials to vaccinate Covid-19 people. Although it has not yet completed the phase 3 trial, that does not deter Russia as it registered and approved the implementation of its vaccine while continuing to conduct human trials. Russia already has a plan for extradition.

Its ambition is also soon to start offering medical vaccination to medical staff this month, mass production in September and mass distribution in October.

  Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian government fund, backing the vaccine said "we will have 30 million doses so we will be working based on this number. We will produce up to 30 million doses of vaccine and then you know it will be upto people who want to be vaccinated. But in principle, yes, we can vaccinate tens of millions of people in Russia this year."  Scientists including from the WHO  are urging Caution, saying only extensive and prolonged testing can determine if a vaccine is effective and safe.

Sputnik V - the hope

President Vladimir Putin said Russia has developed the first vaccine offering "sustainable immunity" against coronavirus after less than two months of human testing.This vaccine is named as “Sputnik V” in reference to the World's first artificial satellite. "Russia dubbed its newly launched vaccine against coronavirus 'Sputnik V' after the Soviet satellite," the head of the country's sovereign wealth fund said.

      Russia’s health ministry has given regulatory approval for what it claims is the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute, after less than two months of human testing. While addressing a government meeting, Putin was quoted as saying by AFP, “I would like to repeat that it has passed all the necessary tests.” He added: “The most important thing is to ensure full safety of using the vaccine and its efficiency.”

Chief researcher Elena Smolyarchuk, who heads the Center for Clinical Research on Medications at Sechenov University, told Russian news agency TASS on Sunday that the human trials for the vaccine have been completed at the university and they will be discharged soon. According to Elena "The research has been completed and it proved that the vaccine is safe. The volunteers will be discharged ."

Topic Concerns about new vaccines

The vaccine is yet to be finalized, raising concerns among some experts over the speed of its approval, as Russian business forum Sistema said it expected to include it in mass production by the end of the year.

It's dangerous. Western scientists have raised concerns about Russia's rapid development of vaccines, suggesting that researchers may bite the bullets and be under pressure from the authorities to deliver them.

 The key issues to consider are:

  • This precipitance may cause a risk in safety of people 

  • Russia has not provided any scientific data of its clinical trials.

  • The World Health Organization has not received enough information on the Russian COVID-19 vaccine to evaluate it.

  • If Russia is doing this for national prestige, is it right to put national prestige before science and safety ?

The assistant director of its regional branch, the Pan American Health Organization, Jarbas Barbosa has said that Russia did not provide any scientific information about this vaccine to WHO.

Moreover, Kirill Dmitriev, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund which finances the vaccine project, said Phase 3 trials would start on Wednesday and industrial production was expected from September.

Putin's daughter became the first to get vaccinated

As per Reuters, President Putin emphasised that the vaccine underwent the necessary tests, adding that one of his two daughters has received a shot of the vaccine  developed by the Gamaleya research institute in coordination with the Russian defence ministry and other government bodies.

"In this sense she took part in the experiment," Putin said, adding that she had a slight temperature after a second injection and "that's all".

Clinical development of  vaccines

Clinical development is a three-stage process. During phase I, small groups of people receive an experimental vaccine, and then wait for their results or any side effects. In Stage II, the clinical study is expanded and the drug is given to people with symptoms (such as age and physical health) similar to those intended for a new vaccine. In Stage III, the drug is given to thousands of people and tested for safety and efficacy.

Current observations of the disease

Almost five months to the day since the World Health Organization announced that the global epidemic, Covid-19 infection has passed 20 million cases. Worldwide cases reached one million in early April. On May 22, there were 5 million. That number had doubled to ten million by the end of June, and, seven weeks later, it had doubled to 20 patients.

India has contracted 60,963 cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours with 834 deaths, the Union Health Department said on Wednesday. The number of cases in the country has now risen to 23,29,638 with 46,91 deaths. A total of 16,39,599 COVID-19 patients have recovered from the virus, bringing the recovery rate to 70.37 percent, the department said today.

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros stressed that behind these figures there is a lot of hardship and suffering. He emphasized that 'There are two key factors in successfully addressing this epidemic. Leaders must stand up and take action and citizens need to embrace new ways… My message is clear: press, press, press this virus'

At this time, the Russian vaccine could emerge as a milestone in the fight against Covid - 19 Pandemic. If successful other countries may also have a vaccine soon.

Putin thanked everyone involved in the development of the vaccine and described it as "the most important step in the world". He hopes that the country's research organization will soon begin mass production of the coronavirus vaccine. "I know it works really well, it made a strong commitment, and I repeat, it passed all the required checks," Putin said.

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