By Isaac Asimov

Name of the Characters:-

(1) Margie :- (A girl of 11 years old)

(2) Tommy:- ( A boy of 13 years old and friend of Margie)

(3) Mrs. Jones:- ( Mother of Margie)

(4) County Inspector :- ( The mechanic of computer)


The story, “THE FUN THEY HAD” by Isaac Asimov is all about the future and the way, in future, the schools will have the existence and how the process of teaching would be. On 17th May, 2157, Margie, who is a girl of 11 years old wrote in her diary that her friend, Tommy found a real book. Tommy, after reading the book told her that in that book, the descriptions of the old kinds of schools have been given, Margie says that her grandfather once had told her that when he was a little boy his grandfather told him that there had been the existence of such books with pages and printed letters. Tommy compares those kinds of books with his computer as it has a million books and can be shown on the screen.

          Margie actually hated the school and her mechanical teacher, the computer, as it has been giving her tests of geography continuously and she has been doing very badly in her tests. So her mother called a county Inspector who separated the parts of the computer of Margie which made her very happy as she thought that it can never be assembled because once county inspector had also visited to Tommy to repair his computer and it took almost one month to short out the problem of his computer. But that mechanic assembled the computer and on a big screen, all the lessons which were taught by the computer as well as all the tests begin to be shown. He told the mother of Margie not to worry as everything is all right now.    

               Margie was being told by Tommy about the schools of the past where hundreds of students used to study in one building and a man, the teacher used to teach them. In the meantime of their conversation, her mother told her to get ready for the school which was in the right to her bedroom, where the mechanical teacher was waiting for Margie. While studying in front of the computer. She was thinking about how the students would have gone to school together, how they would have studied and enjoyed together she was not able to concentrate in the teaching the addition of fraction by her mechanical teacher at that moment.  



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