Wind poem class 9| Summary English book beehive

Wind poem class 9| Summary English book beehive

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Poetry - 2


  By Subramania Bharati



        The poetry, ‘wind’ by Subramania Bharati is all about the destruction causes by the wind and the way one can make the wind friend. At the starting of the poetry, the poet requests the wind to come softly as it breaks the windows and the doors, throw the books and important papers, tears up the pages of the books and brings the rain. The actual fact is that the wind laughs at every weaklings and destroys every thing which is weaker. So the poet suggests that the wind will never listen to our request rather we shall make ourselves strong and then the wind will be our friend. We shall have to build strong homes, strong doors and make our body strong with determined heart. To prove this, the poet gives an outstanding example that when there is weak fire, the wind blows it out but if there is strong fire, the wind will never be able to harm it rather it would help the fire to flourish. Finally, the post says that the friendship of the wind is good but its only possible when we make ourselves strong.

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Q.1. What are the things the wind does in  first stanza ?


The wind breaks the window's doors, spreads the papers, and throws books on the shelf. It also tears the pages of  books and brings rain.

Q.2.Have you ever seen anyone winnow the grain at home or in a paddy field? What is the word in your knowledge for winnowing? What do people use to know? (Give words in your language, if you know.)


Yes, I have seen ladies bring grain to our area. People winnow the grain to get rid of the weeds, chaff, and dust found there. It is called 'Barsana'.

Q. 3.What does the poet say  the wind god winnows ?


The god of the wind winnows everything  in the home.

Q. 4.How do we make our spirit our friend?


The poet suggests that we should build strong houses with strong doors  to be friend of wind. In addition, we need to be strong enough to deal with the difficulties in life.


Q.5.What do the last four lines of the poem mean according to you?


The last four lines tell  us a message that those who are unwilling and lacking in self-confidence are doomed to failure. And those who set goals and make honest efforts are not deterred by any obstacle.

Q.6.How does the poet speak to the wind - with anger or with humor? You must also have seen or heard ever the wind “crumbling lives”. If yes, then what is your response to this? Is it the same as poet's ?


The poet speaks the wind in humour. I agree that the way this poem works is straightforward. Yes, I have seen the wind that destroys property completely. The poet urges the wind to attack him and intends to prepare for the attacks.

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