Practice Sample Papers for Biology Class 12


Practice Sample Papers for Biology Class 12

Here is the practice sample papers for CBSE class 12 of Biology based on the revised syllabus (2020-2021) . These sample papers are really helpful in your preparation for board exams of CBSE.

These practice sets will help a lot for all students preparing for boards. We have tried to collect important questions and made all possible sets of questions. So that your preparation won't be just good only but also a perfect preparation. Here is your practice sets of Biology along with the sample question paper provided by CBSE :

Get pdf of Sample question paper :

CBSE Sample Paper : 

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Download Practice Sample question papers for Biology from the given link below:

Practice Sample Paper - 1


Practice Sample Paper - 2


Practice Sample Paper - 3


Practice Sample Paper - 4


Practice Sample Paper - 5


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These practice sets are alongwith their possible sample answers. 

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