Current Electricity Class 12

Current Electricity Class 12 Full Notes

Current Electricity : 

Current Electricity is studied under a wide branch of physics known as Electricity. 
Current Electricity is a branch of Electricity in which we study about the charges in motion. 
               We have already studied the another branch of Electricity in which charges are at rest. 

We know about the facts that when charges move, they constitute the Electric Current and a detailed study of electric current and its effects , is done under Current Electricity. 

Electric Current : 

The time rate of flow of charge through any cross - section of a conductor is called Electric Current. It is denoted by I and is given by 
                   I = q/ t

The SI unit of Electric Current is ampere (A). 

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Topics flow of Current Electricity on PDF notes 👇

Electric Current, 1 ampere, direction of conventional current,  Current Carriers on solid, liquid  and gas, Drift Velocity, Mobility,   Relation between drift velocity and Current, Ohm's law, Resistance,  Factors on which Resistance depend (Factors affecting Resistance), Resistivity, Variation of     resistivity     with temperature,  Current Density, Conductivity, Conductance, Super Conductivity, Limitation of Ohm's Law, Electric Power, Electrical Energy, EMF (Electromotive Force), Internal Resistance, Terminal Potential Difference, Difference between emf and potential difference difference, Cells in series, Cells in parallel, Cells in mixed Combination, Kirchoff's Law : Junction Or Current rule, Loop or Voltage rule, Wheatstone Bridge, Meter bridge, Potentiometer, Comparison of two cells using potentiometer, Determination of internal resistance of a cell using potentiometer. 

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