Electrostatics Class 12


Lecture flow 👉

  1. Electric Charge and Electric Field
  2. Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Electric Charge and Electric Field

Electric Charge :

Electric charge is an inherent property of a particle which is responsible for electric force. We can understand it better by comparing with the concept of mass and gravitational force. 
                                     As the mass of an object is responsible for gravitational force, just like that the electric charge of a particle is responsible for electric force ( or electrostatic force) . 

There are two type of charges in nature :
  1.  Positive charges and
  2.  Negative charges
The main property of these charges is that the similar type of charges repel each other  (I.e. positive charge attracts positive charges and negative charge attracts negative charges) while the opposite charges attract each other ( positive charges attract negative charges and vice versa). 

Electric Field :

The region or area up to which a charged particle can attract or repel other charged particle, is known as electric field..... 
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